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It’s Out!!

Posted: July 19, 2013 in Uncategorized

Well, issue #11 of Sanitarium Magazine, which has my tale, “In Spirit,” is available at Amazon for your Kindle a day early! I’m very pleased that this story is finally being published after so many rejections, as the tale has always been very special to me. Writers often employ their own experiences in their work, and to say that my wife loves to gamble like the female protagonist in this story is a big understatement. As I said, it’s very personal to me, but at least my wife is still around, LOL!

I’ve included a link to the magazine below, and for those of you print die-hards: a TPB copy should be available in a few days.


Another Welcome Surprise!

Posted: July 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

Boy was I surprised when I learned yesterday that a short story of mine, “In Spirit,” had been accepted by the British magazine, Sanitarium. The story sale came out-of-the-blue and, to top it off, the issue in which my tale will appear will be released next Saturday, July 20th! Talk about a quick turnaround! I wish they all worked out that way!

And one other bit of good news: the good folks at Gallows Press (Tom and Billie Moran) just this morning sent back the edits, etc. for The Silent Passenger, one of two novelettes scheduled for publication in a twofer TPB later this summer. The changes and suggestions don’t seem all that major and, hopefully, the actual publication of my stories won’t be that far off! Happy, happy!!!