More Good News!

Posted: August 16, 2013 in Uncategorized

I was pleasantly surprised to learn early last week, on our first day of vacation in Biloxi, MS, that Barry Skelhorn of Sanitarium Magazine had accepted another tale of mine for publication! “The Seeding” will be featured in issue #12 of his fine mag, which is now available in both ebook and trade paperback format. Look for its release on/around August 20th! Barry’s truly one of the good guys!

And more good news: I heard back from Allen Koszowski just this morning that he had accepted my short story, “The Sinkhole,” for publication in the next issue, #7 I believe, of Inhuman Magazine! I’m really excited over this news, as I’ve been collecting and reading all of the magazine’s earlier issues (they’re up to 5 now, with #6 on the horizon!) and had been wondering if my work could pass the muster in Allen’s eyes. Well, I guess it can, and did! Allen told me it could be a significant wait for issue #7 to come out, but it’ definitely worth the wait to me. He publishes a fine magazine, with both reputable pros and fledgling writers included. I’ll keep you posted on that front.

That’s it for now. As soon as Sanitarium #12 is released, I’ll post the cover and ordering info!


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