Posted: October 9, 2014 in Uncategorized

Still no news on the novella front!?*%#

In the meantime, a new short story of mine was published in a fine magazine from Alban Lake Press, Disturbed Digest. It’s called “Circus of the Macabre,” and it made the cover! Here’s the link if you so choose to purchase a copy of the magazine:

  1. Roger Trexler says:

    Dude, publish that stuff through David Niall Wilson and David Dodd will treat you right. You probably won’t sell millions, but at least that work will be out there. I write because I enjoy the creative process…..the publishing end sucks donkey dicks. Write for the pleasure of it.

  2. Author says:

    Hey, Roger, long time, man! I’m just so jaded over the whole thing, you know. I might just reach out to David W. though. We’ll see… Take care, buddy!

  3. bruce says:

    thanks for picking my picture in the Michael McBride contest. Bruce

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